Our day time week of VBS (June 7-11) with God’s Big Top Performers was a big success.  We had over 30 youth enrolled for the week which was double from the last time we held VBS in 2019 in the evening.  Thanks to Pastor Mike for putting together our lessons for the week about God’s Big Top Performers:  Esther the Tightrope walker, Samson, God’s strong Man, Daniel; God’s lion tamer, Jesus defying death by raising a girl from death and Jesus the death defeater by rising from the grave.  Also thanks to our activity leaders who made these lessons memorable through recreation, music, and crafts.  Robert Kaiser was our leader of recreation with help from many of our youth; Dom Bailey, Josh Burns, Logan Burns, Katie Dance, and James Page. Madeline Hiner fresh from getting her Master’s Degree put her skills to work getting our kids to sing out their praises of God.  Madeline shared one of those songs at worship on June 27.  Vicky Elwood was our leader of crafts with the help from several folks especially Barbara Sloan.  The Lion pillow craft was the highlight of the week!  Special thanks to Erin Burns who was our cafeteria lady providing snacks and light lunches for the whole crew with help from youth and adults like Chris Kondas and Joanie Brooks.  A big shout out to our wonderful youth who shepherded the kids, oversaw check in and check out:  Bri Hiner, Gracie Hiner, Anna Brooks, Rod Kaiser.  Thanks to the Schaefer’s who loaned their Big Top Tent and the many members who donated so generously toward VBS's success.