Greenford Lutheran is pleased to support 

financially and prayerfully 

the following nationwide based ministries 

LUTHERAN DISASTER ASSISTANCE FUND.  This fund was established by several member congregations of LCMC in response to the needs of sister congregations across the USA to respond to natural disasters that had affected their local communities.  This fund is intended to be available to local congregations without the need to wait for aid from insurance companies or government agencies.  It is a way for church communities to help sister church communities. 

Vision: To support the needs of victims of catastrophic natural disasters with a spirit of sharing God's love.  

Mission: To demonstrate the love of Christ as we respond to natural disasters through local congregations.  

Core Value: To carry out our work with the servant attitude of Jesus who said, "I did not come to be served, but to serve" (Matthew 20:28), and "As the Father sent Me, so I send you." (John 20:21

Our outreach on a state level went to Ohio Valley's Men’s Teen Challenge.  This Christian organization provides resident addiction treatment centers for those trying to escape the chains of addiction.  As unfortunately too many families know, the Mahoning Valley has been hard hit by the Opioid crisis in our country and these faith based ministries are needed now more than ever.  In 2019 the congregation donated $1,715.00 to Teen Challenge.  Due to COVID 19 during 2020 the local treatment center was closed.  We are awaiting and praying for a time when this program can restart.


Lutheran Military and Veteran Services:  Helping veterans let go of their past, engage in the present, and have hope for the future. 

         LMVFM is a Christian non-profit (501c3) faith-based ministry headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN. It is dedicated to serving military veterans and their families in need of care and assistance, regardless of their faith or religious affiliation. It offers resources, assistance and training to congregations and other care providers to assist veterans and their family members. In order to keep Christ at the center of this mission, LMVFM does not solicit or accept government funding. 

 In 2011 LMVFM started a “PAWS and Effect” program to finance and train therapy dogs for veterans.  These therapy dogs are trained specifically to help with psychological/emotional struggles that go along with PTSD. The dogs provide comfort during periods of stress and can even detect when a panic attack is happening and help stop it. Other therapy dogs are trained to help wounded veterans’ physical needs, including mobility, support, and daily tasks.