Thank you for your willingness to serve as an usher.  The ushers’ duties change slightly depending on the service and the season.  The general goal for you in this role is to assist the pastor in helping and guiding parishioners, and visitors through a smooth and meaningful worship experience.  

To be effective at this please arrive 20 minutes before service begins.  NOTE:  Summer Worship hour (June - August) is at 9:30 am.  Regular Worship hour (September - May) is 10:30 am.


¨ Are all the doors outside entrance doors unlocked?  There is a key for the entrance doors to the parking lot located above the usher desk in the vestibule by the street entrance.  The key for the street entrance is an allen wrench key also located above the usher desk.

¨ Are the sanctuary lights on, including the cross (fans if needed)?  The Sanctuary light switches are large round dimmer switches located on the back wall of the sanctuary  

¨ In inclement weather check to make sure the entry ways are free of snow and ice.  Normally salt and shovels are located at the entry ways to help with this. Our plowing service does not take care of the sidewalks that is the usher’s duty.  If shoveling is a health hazard for you please recruit someone to clear the sidewalks of snow.    

¨ Is the heat (air conditioning) operating properly?   If not, please contact Walt Pim, Harold Everson, or Ed Schaefer.

¨ Are reserved pews marked if needed?  ie: Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation?   

¨ Have you confirmed the emergency equipment is in its proper place.

¨ Greet parishioners and visitors cheerfully, hand out worship materials (bulletins and any other additional material as instructed).  

¨ Be especially helpful with visitors.  If they need help in finding a restroom, cry room, kid’s corner etc try to recruit a friendly member to assist them by accompanying them to where they need to go.   


     AT THE SCHEDULED START OF SERVICE (10:30 During the school year and 9:30 During the summer) use the Usher key located at the usher desk in the vestibule by the street entrance to lock the doors leading to the parking lot.  This is a necessary safety precaution and should not be overlooked! 

 During the first song proceed to balcony overlook and count the number of worshipers in attendance, count everyone in attendance [children in nursery, pastor, organist, acolytes, etc.).  Then write it on the usher count sheet located in usher’s desk in the vestibule by the street entrance. Put card in offering plate. 

  Offering time ~ as the offering begins meet your fellow usher at the back of the center aisle, walk up front to receive plates at altar rail from the acolyte, then start the collection by going down each outside aisle.  Once finished with outside aisle return to the front of the church to collect down the  center aisle.  Then wait at the back of the center aisle until the service music prompts you to return plates to the acolyte at the altar

  Holy Communion  ~ 

Generally the worship leaders commune first to allow the congregation to see the type of communion we will be using ie:  at the altar rail, at the altar step, intinction and so forth.  Once you've communed, 

¨ one usher should stay at the front to guide people in the communion process.

¨ The usher in the front should carefully move the baptismal font  to the center of the aisle and remove the lid placing it on the altar platform near the lectern.  This allows people communing to remember their baptism, and being invited to the Lord’s Supper as a child of God, by dipping their finger in the water and making the sign of the cross.

¨ one usher should move down the center aisle from pew to pew to dismiss people up for communion.  This usher should also be aware of anyone who wishes to stay in the pew but still receive communion.  Please inform the Pastor at the end of communion that there are additional people who need communion brought to them in their pew.

For continuous Holy Communion at the altar steps~ start dismissing at the front pew of one side of the church progressing toward the back of the church on that same side as timely as possible.  Try to avoid making people wait in a long line in the aisle.  Also try to time it so people don’t feel like they have to sprint up to the line to avoid making an awkward gap in the line.  When switching to the other side, give a short pause to allow Pastor and helpers to switch sides also.

For table Holy Communion at the altar rail~ 

¨ The usher who dismisses from the pew needs to dismiss approximately ten people per table.

¨ The usher at the front needs to install the center cross piece for the altar rail.  After that the usher positions him or herself at the center aisle between the steps and the baptismal font.  This usher is now in position to assist people up the steps and down the steps. 

¨ Both ushers should also assist with guiding the traffic.  

¨ Those seated on the pulpit side should be directed to stand on the choir loft side of the aisle to go up to the rail.  They will fill in the choir loft side of the railing first and dismiss by order of first up to the altar rail being the first to return to their seat using the outside aisle.  

¨ Likewise  those seated on the choir loft side will stand on the pulpit side of the aisle to go up to the rail.  They will fill in the pulpit side of the railing first and dismiss by order of first up to the altar rail being the first to return to their seat using the outside aisle.


¬† ¬† ‚ÄúTidy-up‚ÄĚ Sanctuary ~¬†

¨ hymnals returned to hymnal racks

¨ Trash collected and disposed of.  

¨ Check that lights and fans are off and all candles are out. Lock the doors to the street entrance.


 Thank you! For your service to your congregation, it’s mission... and to God’s house and God.