A message from GLC’s council president:

         Well, it is that “Time of the Year” when we come together at GLC to restart, rethink, and possibly even “change gears.”  If you heard Pastor’s sermon on Sunday Sept. 26 you may, like me, have been inspired with the message that there is no “us or them” in the church.  WE are the church!!

 We are the church, together with many different gifts and challenges.  You and I are GLC.  Coming together (hopefully regularly), to share in the community of God’s gifts to us.  Nurturing our relationship and encouraging others to seek a relationship with Christ.

 Hopefully, you all know the truth about the leadership at GLC.  Those who you see as leaders have gifts they are sharing but absolutely do not have all the answers.  They have some tasks, but absolutely do not do it all!  If you were to imagine being on council or even being the council President, you may (like I did) encounter thoughts of doubt, fear, hopelessness, even disbelief at the challenges that arise: budget issues, building issues, program issues, and now COVID issues!  How would you react? 

 I may have said this before but what has strengthened my faith time and time again is our church.  You would offer help without ever being asked and that was a huge reminder that we (GLC) don’t walk alone.  God, working through God’s people, makes a positive difference.  Whether it’s a smile, a thoughtful card, a generous donation, leading a lesson, cooking a meal, accepting a leadership role or just simply asking “What can I do to help?” Its exciting and reassuring to see so many members, being the body of Christ at GLC.

 So together this fall we are asking you to pray about “What role do you have in the work and financial support of the missions of GLC?”  As you may have noticed we’re looking to add a second more modern worship service.  Is God nudging you to help with that?  You may have noticed our Sunday School for youth needs regular participants as well as leaders, do you have a role in that?  If you’re a “numbers person” you’ve probably noticed that unlike our 2020 COVID year where members courageously stepped up their financial support- this year with COVID waning so have our finances- might you be a positive contributor there? 

 Personally, I find in my human nature to want things to just “stay the same as last year!??”  But, occasionally we are led (or forced) out of our comfort zone for God’s work which is very rewarding.  I pray you continue to find God’s blessings in your life and will continue to pass it on to those around you.  After all “WE are the church” and that’s what “church” does– find and share God’s blessings. 

 I’m looking forward to shifting gears this fall and working with you to “not get in God’s way!!” Again that’s a reference to Pastor’s message Sept 26 which pointed out an important part of “being church” is not getting in God’s way.  “God’s gonna do, what God’s gonna do” and instead of getting in the way we should be asking, “What can I do to help?  As your Council President I thank so many of you for asking that question.



Ed Schaefer, Jr., GLC Council President