Sunday, January 26, 2020 Children’s Sermon “Reconciliation”

(Suggest kids form two groups on opposite sides of the altar stairs.  Explain that in the church the Apostle Paul was talking to there were two groups that had hurt feelings and anger toward each other.  They’d started as all one big happy group but they let mistakes, hurt feelings, and anger get in between them and separate them.  At the end of the talk you could have them come back together and give a hug or handshake)

          Good morning boys and girls.  Today I want to talk about a big word “Reconciliation.”  I’m not sure how many of you know this word- it’s a big, beautiful word, that’s a really good one to know.  It means “to come back together.”  Now I’m not talking about putting a broken vase back together, but that would be a good thing if you could put a broken vase back together right?! 

          This big beautiful word “Reconciliation,” (Can you say that? Sure, I knew you could.) means bringing people back together.  Sometimes people, coworkers, family members can be on opposite sides, arguing and being mean to each other cause they disagree with each other. You’ve probably seen that with people, maybe with your own brother or sister?  It’s not a fun feeling to be on opposite sides or against each other. It’s better when we’re not separated by anger or issues but together in love.

          I don’t know if you noticed but our Bible readings today talk about bringing people together.  But often when people are on opposite sides and angry that’s not an easy thing to do… the hurt and the anger keeps them apart.  Something has to happen to change that anger and hurt before that big beautiful word (Reconciliation) can happen.  Jesus said for reconciliation (What’s that mean?  People come together) to happen there’s has to be love and forgiveness. 

You know what love is right?  When you care about somebody enough to put your needs second- like you have one ice cream cone and the person you like doesn’t have any- you might share a bite but if you really love them, you might just give them the whole cone, completely!

          How about forgiveness?  Do you know what that is?  That’s when someone says, “I’m sorry” and the other person says, “I forgive you.”  That doesn’t mean the hurtful thing the person did wasn’t hurtful. Nope! It still hurt.  It doesn’t mean the hurtful thing or mistake didn’t happen. Nope! It still happened.  So what’s the difference?  What difference does forgiveness make? 

Forgiveness means I give up my right to hurt you in return.  It means I’m not going to let that mistake keep us apart. I want there to be “reconciliation.” I want us to be “back together.” You see that’s a beautiful thing when that happens… “reconciliation.”  Its like a handshake, or a hug between friends now.

          That’s what Jesus wants to help us with every day, “reconciliation”- to bring us back together by sharing his love and his forgiveness with folks we may have a problem with or, might have a problem with us.  Instead of always having to be apart with anger and hurt between us, we can remove that anger and hurt with God’s love and forgiveness. With God’s love and forgiveness inside of us we can say “I’m sorry, I wish I hadn’t hurt you.” and we can say “I forgive you.  I want us to be together so I’m not going to hurt you in return.” That kind of love and forgiveness allows us to come back together and have what’s that big beautiful word?  (Reconciliation).

          Before you go, lets have a prayer:  Thank you Jesus, for giving us so much of your love that we have the power to forgive others we are separated from so that we can come back together in love and forgiveness.  Amen.