Sept 13, 2020 Rally Day Blessing Backpacks

          Hi kids, it is fun watching the flower cross go from bare to glorious colors.  Our coming together and contributing what we can makes this cross glorious, alive, and vibrant.  That cross is a symbol of God’s love whether its bare or covered in flowers it still reminds us that God loved us so much he was willing to die on a cross for us. When we come together with God’s love and share the gifts God’s given us like flowers then the cross really becomes noticeable.  Its hard to ignore.  It’s life and vitality helps teach that God’s great love from the cross gives us life and vitality.

          Speaking of teaching, a lot of you have started school, right?  How many of you have good teachers?!  Do any of you have a favorite subject at school you like learning about?  That’s great!! School should be a place when we all come together with our gifts and talents where learning comes alive. 

          Speaking of gifts and talents, I have a couple gifts that our congregation would like to bless you with.  All these things help the learning process- pencils for writing, erasers for correcting mistakes. We all make mistakes that’s what learning is about- trying our best and learning how not to goof up by recognizing our mistakes and correcting them. 

You know we started Sunday School today and it’s a place of learning too. We learn about God’s great love for us and how he loves us even when we make mistakes. We learn about how God’s forgiveness helps us to correct our mistakes.  Great stuff to learn about.

We’ve got glue sticks cause so many times you want things to stick together and this is an easy way to get paper, glitter, feathers what have you to stick together.  God wants us to stick together, he gives us his love and joy to help us do that.  Our plan for Sunday school this year is to dig into learning about the life of Jesus.  When we do that we’ll learn about how much love and joy God has to share. Hopefully that will help us stick close to God and not get lost in the bad sticky sick stuff the devil has for us out in the world.

Last of all I have some thing that people don’t often think are supplies for learning: tissues and hand sanitizer.  But if you don’t take care of yourself, and you’re not healthy its hard to learn isn’t it?  We have to be careful about catching germs and sharing germs.  Especially since this whole thing about the coronavirus.  It has really changed how we do things.  Church is held outdoors.  School schedules have changed.  We wear masks when we get together.  Its all kind of weird.

If you think about it the fact that germs (that aren’t so good for you) are everywhere could make you really scared.  But as you start this new year I want you to know something.  Something important that I think is just as important a school supply as those tissues and hand sanitizer.  You know germs are just about everywhere, but you also need to know that God is everywhere too.  And God isn’t a germ because God is for you not against you. God wants the best for you. I’d like you to remember this little poem:  Jesus and germs are everywhere so wash your hands and say your prayers.

So you don’t have to be constantly afraid, God is with you.  God has given you some great gifts like the smarts to be able to take the precautions you need to stay healthy.  You know what those are right?  (let them answer about precautions they’ve been taught at home and school) Yep those are good steps to staying healthy and keeping others healthy. And if we can do that this year, you’ll learn lots. 

Now that we have your backpacks filled with good stuff, how about we fill them with prayers and blessings from our congregation.  Congregation the kids will unzip their back packs and hold them open. I want you to “blast em full of blessing” by blaring your car horns. Let them know all the good thoughts, well wishes and prayers your send them by laying on those horns.  Nice job…zip up those back packs and remember those blessings and know that God goes with you.  Let’s pray:  God be with these children, watch their going out and their coming home, send your angels to protect and guide them, bless their learning that they may grow strong in wisdom,  upright in character and joyful in serving.  In Jesus Name. Amen.