Christmas Eve 10:30 AM

DEC 24, 2017 CHRISTMAS EVE MORNING SERVICE children’s messages

          You can probably tell who I’m pretending to be. I’m pretending to be one of the wisemen from the account of Jesus’ birth.  What can you tell me about the wisemen?  (elicit responses) they definitely brought gifts for Jesus’ birthday party.  Do we still bring gifts to Jesus’ birthday party?  We sure do.  We share gifts as a way of being wisemen or wisewomen who want to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

          But the wisemen weren’t the only ones to bring gifts to that party.  You know when Jesus god’s son was born on earth he brought gifts that he wanted to share with us.  Jesus brought to us god’s love, Jesus brought to us god’s forgiveness, Jesus gives us god’s peace. 

          It’s not often that the birthday boy or girl gives out the presents but that’s the kind of wonderful savior we have in Jesus.  On his birthday he shares his wonderful gifts with us of love, forgiveness and peace.  When Jesus invites us to his birthday party he doesn’t expect us to give fancy expensive gifts like frankincense or myrrh or even gold.  He just asks us to share his gifts with others- so no one is without god’s love, forgiveness or peace this Christmas.

          So you can be a wisewoman or wiseman this Christmas by doing what Jesus taught us to do- share God’s love, forgiveness and peace with someone this Christmas. Amen.