April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday Jesus is a gamechanger

          Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and Jesus our risen Lord and Savior Amen.  Join me in a short prayer.  And now O Lord may the words of my mouth and mediation of our hearts be acceptable in your sight O Lord our Rock and our Redeemer.

          Today I’d like to talk to you about our world being rocked to its core. The game changer that has come among us and revamped the way we live our lives. The obvious reference would be to this disease that has spread far and wide. COVID 19 has shops shut down, hospitals overflowing, and worshippers in parking lots instead of pews.  Our world has definitely been rocked. 

Rock your cars if you agree! I had a Plymouth voyager van with 150,000 miles its springs were so shot it took nothing to get that thing to rock from side to side.  But you know I don’t want to spend our time together being negative.  That old van was a game changer for our family of five. Prior to that we had a Toyota corolla that we had to cram all five of us in complete with car seats!  Talk about a slice of heaven when we moved from a four dour corolla to a 7 passenger van with a sliding door!  You can say that rocked our world, in a good way!

I’d like to ask you to think of some positive, rock your world “game changers.” Perhaps for you it’s not a luxury car maybe what comes to mind when I ask, “can remember a positive game changer?” what comes to mind are some notable sports moments or luminary sports heroes.  Like when the second coming of Lebron James to Cleveland happened.  And the Cleveland Cavaliers after 50 years Cleveland got a championship!! Who’d have thought?!  Who’d have believed it?! 

Perhaps you think of positive game changers as space age technologies,  innovations, and inventions.  How many of you could live without your smart phone?  It’s changed your life. Some folks may think of game changers in terms of historical events.  The founding of thirteen independent colonies in the New World and their game changing thoughts written out on a declaration that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator by certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That rocked the world!

Those are all legitimate considerations for what a true positive game changer is. Some folks’ abilities in sports change the way the game is played.  Some folks’ thoughts change the way we think. Some innovations and inventions change the way we live, and some historical events change the course of humanity.

As a pastor when I’m asked to think about a positive game changer, I think about Jesus Christ! His life, death, and resurrection. And how that has rocked my world and how that has rocked THE world.  In fact on Trinity Broadcasting Network they have a whole series called Jesus the game changer.  They look at places all around the world to reveal how Jesus has been a gamechanger not just for individuals but entire countries.  I caught an episode that detailed how the proclamation of the gospel changed the landscape of South Korea from the 1950’s to today and Spain not just in the 1500’s but today as well.  But it didn’t stop at Jesus being a game changer for whole countries it also delved into how the proclamation of the gospel, Jesus life and his death and his resurrection- which we celebrate today Christ is Risen! (He is risen indeed) has changed that particular individual. 

Jesus changes bad situations into better days and good days into great futures. Simply put, Christ’s love can change the way we live, and Christ’s life can change the way we love. Christ’s resurrection not only changes the way we love and the way we live.  But Christ’s resurrection also changes our ultimate destination.  Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate the positive change made by Christ in the game of life and the way it’s played.  Thanks to Christ the game of life is no longer about the person with the most toys wins.  Thanks to the power of God who raised Christ from the dead.  The game of life has changed from one life per customer to one eternal life for every believer.

Come on lets celebrate the massive and marvelous change Christ has wrought.  Has Jesus rocked your world?! (Then rock those cars) Does Jesus resurrection change the way you live, then change the oil in your car- Just kidding about that one!!    Although it is a good idea to regularly change the oil in your car.  It’s important to get out the bad stuff and fill up with the good stuff.  Just as it is a good idea to regularly come rolling in here to meet with Jesus and his family and get out the bad stuff and fill up with the good stuff.   To come in here and remind ourselves how Jesus changed the world, how Jesus has changed our world, rocked THE world and our world.  That Jesus is now our game changer.

You know we can get very negative right now if it weren’t for the game changing, life changing message of Jesus Christ.  COVID 19 is serious. COVID 19 is a game changer. COVID 19 has rocked our world. But it is passing.  The way things are, is not the way they will always be! COVID 19 is serious but it won’t always be with us.  Christ is a game changer who will always be with us.   COVID 19 is for a time, But Christ, and the salvation he has wrought for us, is for all time!  It is never going away! It is never shutting down! It will always be going on… to the end of creation!

Sunday has come people!! We are Easter people, not defeated people!  We are teammates of the greatest game changer of all time, Jesus! Jesus won!! Satan lost!  Jesus lives!! Death’s defeated!  The game of life has changed, not just for “a” time but for ALL time! For ALL of us who believe and proclaim Christ is Risen… (He is risen indeed!!). Let that rock your world Amen!!